Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's been a looong time!

I haven't even touched this blog in over a year! Alot has happened to the Harper family since February 2010.....an overview:

June 2010:

-We said goodbye to our home for a year: Malawi. It was definitely a bitter sweet goodbye. BUT, being pregnant as I was (I was 8 months pregnant when we took two 10+ hour plan rides all the way home to MS!) I was super ready to get home to family, friends and American FOOD! lol. We had a wonderful experience during our year in Africa. I wasn't about to have baby Jordan in Malawi though!...so we had no choice but to come home...However, we know that Malawi was where God wanted us to be for that year. And the Harpers might not be done with Africa juuuust yet ;)

August 2010:

-After being back home for a little more than 2 months, I gave birth to our first son, Jordan Oakley Seth Harper (his initials spell JOSH! haha) on August 26, 2010. We were both so so happy to finally meet baby Jordan and begin the journey of parenthood! We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into at this point! :) That was a little over 9 months ago. My baby has gotten so biiiig! He crawls, pulls up, says "Mama!", gets an attitude when he doesn't get his way, STILL doesn't sleep through the night lol, loves to be rocked, loves to wrestle with Daddy, laughs all the time, has two teeth, and best of all...LOVES to cuddle with Mama! :)I thank God every day for this beautiful gift He has entrusted to us.

December 2010:

-Up until this point, we were living in the Morrison Height's mission house. In December we FINALLY closed on our first house in Clinton! It was built in the 1940's and has recently undergone some serious updates/renovations. Thank goodness it was all finished by the time we bought it! It's a really cute house with a huge backyard for baby Jordan. We are really happy and finally feel settled.

June 2011:

-As of now.....Josh is off from school for the summer, hooraaaay! Getting your masters in computer science is NOT easy. I am so proud of my husband for working so hard for our family. He definitely deserved a summer break! So right now he's just working and I'm just staying at home with Jordan :) I am so blessed to be able to. I actually work part time from home for African Bible Colleges (the organization we were in Malawi with and who Josh still works for too). I process all of the new missionary applications and answer questions about Malawi. It's mostly via email so it's easy to do from home :) And Josh works in the office processing ALL of the donations that come through our home office, and all kinds of other finance things that I'm just glad I don't have to do!

So that's where we are now. Just going with the flow, trying to be good parents, good spouses to each other, and doing what we feel God calls us to do-whether that be stay in MS forever....or go live on the other side of the world! :) We will just have to wait and see what the future holds. Thanks to all of you who followed us during our year in Africa and those who've been supportive this past year as we've readjusted to American life and had a baby!

I'll try to be better at the blogging thing from now on! Hope everyone is having a great summer!