Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from Malawi

Happy almost Valentines Day!! I hope everyone is enjoying the commercialism of it in America! ha. I don't think it's really a recognized holiday here...I haven't seen ANY Valentines Day "stuff" in the stores. Oh well! We will probably go to this Chinese place we like in town. It's REAL Chinese...we've eaten jelly fish there before- just to try it! ha. Anyway, it's a fun place to go. And next weekend is my birthday!!! It just so happens that my birthday, Feb. 21, is the exact same birthday as both Sam AND Leanne Mcdonald (our good friends here :). So me, Josh, Sam and Leanne will go to a really good Indian restaurant next weekend, Dehli Dar Bar! So that will be fun as well :)

We don't have school on Monday due to Staff Development Day. We had one before Christmas and it was actually kind of fun! We have a bible study/chapel service first, then we get to pick between several different seminars to attend. It's really useful for those of us who haven't taught me and Josh! And it means that we have a 4 day school week!! Woohoooo! I've just been so tired since I've been pregnant...the days a school seem to last forever. I love my kids but they are needYYY! haha.

Josh's academy soccer team that he coaches had a game today and they won! They are the ABCCA Lions :) Two of the players younger siblings (who are in my class) wandered up to our house this morning because they were bored at the game haha. We made chicken and played cards :)

I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow! We go to the Dr. on Wednesday to get an ultrasound. Hopefully it will look a little more like a small baby instead of a peanut! ha. I've read that in the States you can find out the sex of the baby as early as 15 weeks. Here....20 weeks is usually the earliest! Just knowing that makes it so much harder to wait! ha. Oh well, at least we can find out eventually :) God has continued to bless us in Malawi. We are learning so so much about ourselves! Having to completely rely on each other and the Lord for this year through all of the changes and struggles of moving to a foreign country has truly helped our marriage as well :) I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Valentines Day! Thanks so much to all of our supporters for sticking with us!! God bless :)