Friday, November 20, 2009

Nkhoma and the village!

Hey everyone! Thought it was about time for an update :) Josh is gone for the weekend to Nkhoma with the highschoolers from the academy. I'm pretty sure Nkhoma is the name of the mountain but it could also be the area. They went to hike and camp and have a "revivial" type thing. I was going to go but backed out...camping AND hiking in one weekend is just a little too much for me! ha. Josh and some of the guys on campus went last weekend and carried a bunch of stuff up there (water, wood, etc) so the kids would'nt have to. They still had to carry a bunch of food and stuff this time though. They left Friday after school and will get back Sunday. Please pray that they will have a fun and above all SAFE trip! I'll let you know how it went :)

So while Josh is gone I'm just here by myself for the weekend! Actually today I am going to this village for the second weekend in a row. I believe the village is called Sensa. About a month ago some of the newer missionaries on campus got involved with them. One of the students at ABC was asked to come and preach there and asked if a few of the campus girls would like to come along. I came the third week they went. It is pretty much as "villagy" as it gets! ha. The Chief is a new Christian of about 2 months. Even being that "new", he has already kicked the "guli wam culu" out of the village. The "gulis" are religious type leaders in the villages. I'm not exactly sure what they believe but they are NOT Christian by any means. The villagers are scared of them because they can cast spells and do witchcraft. So it's really good that he is now gone! But the village also practices polygamy. Last week when we went I saw about 15 women and like 6 or 7 men...and literally 80 children (I counted!). So they've got a ways to go but it's so great the steps they're taking already! They have even put up the walls for a church :) We had fun though. We go and sing with the kids, then do a bible study and play a game. Even though we focus on the kids, pretty much the whole village comes out to see us. The first week the group from ABC went a few weeks ago was the first time many of the kids had ever seen white people. So they're very timid and curious. We are trying to find a way to help them learn to read Chichewa (none of them speak English) so that we can get them bibles. There are four bibles in the whole village but since very very few people can read, that doesn't do much. One of the students from ABC that goes with us, Culsuio (I have NO idea how to spell his name) is going on Fridays to give English lessons but they really need more than that. So we'll see what happens! Please pray for the people...that they would truly have a desire to learn to read so that they can further their education in Christ! Also, pray for us, that we would find ways to help these people learn how to read! And that we will know what to say while we're there. It's hard to know if you're being effective when they don't speak English and your speaking through a translator and don't really know the culture very well yet!

Besides that, we are still just teaching and counting down the weeks until Christmas break! ha. Four more :) We get a whole month off for Christmas here so that should be nice. And our house is pretty much infested with "chop chops" (these huge spiders with big choppers!). We've found like 6 in the past week. Luckily, our kitty Sunny loves to hunt, play with, and then eat them! So I guess as long as I keep him inside, it's not so bad :) I hope everyone is having a great holiday season back home!


Rebecca :)

P.S.: Please feel free to tell churches, friends and family about us and what we're doing here. We've been here for four months now and every month our support is getting lower and lower. We're okay as of now but it's getting a little scary to think what will happen if it keeps dropping at this rate! We really feel that we have a place here and want to do and be where God wants us. Thanks so much to all our donars for allowing us to have come this far!