Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week #3

After our third week here in Malawi, I think we are both starting to get into some sort of a "routine". We no longer feel like we are on a mission trip or vacation! It is beginning to feel like home :)

We started school at the ABC Christian Academy Monday! :) The first day was only 2 hours long and one of those hours was spent in assembly so we basically just got to meet our students. My four year olds are SO cute! The first time I met one of my little girl students she looked up at me and said, "You gotta help me out with this school thing!" haha. Today was the first "real" day of school; from 7:15-12:00 for me and 7:15-1:10 for Josh. We start early! But we get out early too which is nice. We've just got to get used to planning and writing lesson plans! Which we just learned how to do. But we're both excited about this year.

All academy teachers who don't have children are required to sign up for 2 hours a week of afterschool activites. Josh will be coaching highschool soccor (or footbal here!) and helping out with band. I will be teaching 3 and 4 year old ballet and going to Chitipi orphanage once a week to play with the kids. We start are afterschool activites next week and can't wait!

After three weeks of living here...I can finally drive a standard car on the wrong side of the road! I tried several times the first week we were here with no success so Josh had to constantly drive me around everywhere. Which wasn't really a problem unless he was gone and I needed to go somewhere. Anyway, I can do it myself now!! :) Like I've said before, food here is very expensive..we buy all of our fruits and veges from the market (which is very cheap!). I can buy a large bundle of bananas for $1.10. But a pack of chicken breasts from the grocery store is $9 and a small block of cheese is $6-$9. And we love cheese and meat!! haha. I love going to the market to shop. Everyone is very nice (probably because they want you to buy their stuff!) and friendly. It's fun to bargain with the venders to get a good price. Alot of times they will give you a high first price because they think, because we're white, we are tourists who don't know what a reasonable price for something is. But we've been told :) I just like getting out in the town!

There is much poverty in Lilongwe and all of Malawi. I have found a man who makes pretty much anything from Chitinge, (I think that's how you spell it?) a material the women use for skirts or to tie their babies onto their backs. His name is Charles and his tailoring is his only source of income. He has several daughters and one is sick. We were encouraged by another missionary to use him 1. because the stuff he makes is really pretty and 2. because he really needs the money. And to us it is so cheap to use him! He is a very sweet man and has already made several things for us. He even made me curtains! He only charged $12 for labor! (people work for so cheap here). I just had to buy the chitinge (which is also very cheap!). I call him and he comes to my house on his bike with all of his "goodies". He makes wallets, purses, aprons, curtains, etc. He could probably make anything. We feel like he is another avenue we can use to try and do some good here in Malawi!

As we are getting settled into our new life, we don't forget why we are here. We came here because we felt God's calling to teach here. Teaching is our main focus right now. Though we definitely plan on getting involved out in the community, teaching is our #1 job while we're here. We want to not only teach these kids but to influence them in a positive way. We want to get involved in their lives and be good Christian support figures to them. We hope that we can help them academically, personally, and spiritually over this next year. We want to thank all of our supporters again because, without you, we wouldn't even be here!! Thank you for putting your faith in God, knowing that it was Him who put us here (and for a reason only He knows!). Well, I better be off to bed! Have to wake up at FIVE THIRTY!! I'm going to have to get used to this haha. Thanks again everyone for following our blog :)



Well, I better be off to bed! Have to get up at FIVE THIRTY tomorrow....this will take some getting used to haha.

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