Monday, August 17, 2009

Week #2

We've been in Malawi exactly two weeks today! This past week has actually been a little slow. Still getting our classrooms and lesson plans ready for school. My classroom is pretty much finished now. Mr. Gray (my assistant) and I will clean and straighten everything up tomorrow and should be ready to go! Josh didn't really have all that much decorating to do with his classes. Just lesson plans and organizing. He is almost done also. We are both very ready for school to start!! (but a little nervous as well)

This week is orientation week for new missionaries. Tuesday we will meet in the morning and go over the history of ABC (which I know all too well from working at the office!! ha), a seminar about staying healthy in Malawi, a seminar about African culture, and then an ABC student lead scavenger hunt around Lilongwe! Wednesday we are going to Dedza for the day! It's a a really nice quaint little "area" ( I don't really know what you would call it). It has a nice restaurant and a pottery making factory that has TONS of cute stuff! Sam McDonald (our host family) and Kelly Dehnert are taking us for a Q and A type thing. Then Thursday will be for all academy teachers...a teacher orientation. We will be going over the handbook and everything. And Friday is free..then school starts Monday!!

Today Josh and I asked our gardener, Happy, where we could find charcoal to grill with. He took us to his village (in our car cause the bag of charcoal is HUGE) and got the charcoal and showed us his house :) There were so many little kids at the village and they were so cute! They all (and I'm talking like at least 30 kids) were following us around and shouting "Azungu, Azungu!" which means white person haha. Happy said he will teach us Chichewa if we want! Then maybe next time I can acutally TALK to the kids. They had no idea what we were saying and pretty much laughed at everything we said. They wanted to hold our hands and touch us. They were so sweet and funny. I can't wait to go back!

I think we are adjusting well here. The hardest thing for us has been cooking ha. We didn't do all that much of it in the states...hamburger helper, spaghetti with Prego, etc. Here, it's all from scratch! Yuck! But it's becoming kind of a fun challenge to find good things to make and stuff. It will take some getting used to but if thats our biggest complaint so far...we're not complaining! ha.

Josh and I were both sick with a kind of "Malawi stomach" bug this past week. It's going around on campus and was NO fun at all! Josh's only last for about 30 is day five for me and is the first day I feel 100%. Glad it's over. Hopefully now we have some sort of amunity built up for next time!

We are still just getting started on our journey here and can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the next year! I plan to go to the crisis nursery as soon as I'm positive my "stomach bug" is all the way gone. And I want to go back to the village ASAP. I was kind of feeling discouraged this past week when I was sick...but going and seeing those kids today reminded me why we're here and really gave me a new excitement of whats to come! We pick out our after school activities this week so I'll let everyone know what we've chosen soon. I think Josh is doing soccer and I'm doing ballet but were not sure yet. I hope Josh gets to do soccer :) I know he'd have fun with that! Well...we are going to go and try to grill with this "charcoal" we got today! Wish us luck and God bless!



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  1. We have been back in the States for two months now and miss Malawi so much. I plan on following the blog. I love hearing about Malawi! Please tell Happy that the Robbins said hello and that we love him and miss him and are praying for him. He is a very good man. We will be praying for you, too! God bless you.
    Bethany Robbins`