Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week #1

So...this is our 6th day here in Malawi and we are really enjoying it! :) Here's a little insight into this last week:

The ride over here was very long. We got up at 5:00 am Saturday morning and drove to New Orleans. From there we flew to D.C. then from D.C. to Johannesburg, where we spent the night at a really nice bed and breakfast. Then Monday morning we went back to the airport and boarded our final flight to Lilongwe, Malawi! When we got here, 6 of our 10 pieces of luggage were we took what we had and went to see our new home :) I have taken pictures of our new duplex but can't find the adapter thing to upload them with, but I will keep looking. It's really cute! We have a nice yard and a gardener! Everyone living on the African Bible Colleges campus is required to hire a gardener. Ours is named Happy :) He's really sweet and does a great job with our yard and garden (I'll post pics of that too when I find the adapter!).

So our first day or so here we really didn't DO much. We unpacked our bags that we had and slept! Last night was the first night I slept ALL through the night ha. Tuesday Josh and I met with Laura Chinchen, the curriculum coordinator at the Academy where we will be teaching and with wife of ABC's president, Dr. Paul Chinchen. We got our keys to our classrooms and went over our curriculum. We got the handbook and I got my kids names and nationalities. My students consist of kids from America, Malawi, Australia, Korea, South Africa, and Zimbabwe! I am still in the process of decorating my classroom and will post pics when I'm done. It's so cute!
We are both very excited (and a little nervous since neither of us have ever taught before!) about starting school August 24th :)

Wednesday we went grocery shopping! LeAnne McDonald took both me and Josh to several of the places she goes too. Food is very expensive here (American food at least...and meat!). We spent about $300 on 3/4 of the amount that would have bought us in the states. We had fun and got to see alot of the city. At all of the different places we went, people pretty much surrounded our car when we were getting out and in trying to sell us different things; bananas, tangerines, etc. Fruit from the market or venders on the street is very cheap. I got a bundle of about 12 bananas (they are smaller here but not tiny) for about $1.50! We had fun :)

Then Thursday we got the keys to one of the Academy car pool cars! It's really small and I can't drive it because it's a standard. I'm trying to learn but I kill it pretty much everytime I start to go. Josh says it's a bad car to learn on, so it's not me! ha. We went out and explored a little in town. Thats the day that 4 of the remaining 6 missing pieces of luggage arrived. We went to the airport to get them and immediately when we picked them up thought, "wow, these feel really light." So we opened them and they were all anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the way empty (We had packed them to the brim before we left!) Which means alot of our stuff was stolen, probably in South Africa. ALL of Josh's musical equipment was taken....about $1700 worth and our life savings of movies, about $2000 worth...and countless other random stuff. We were really upset Thursday but I mean there's nothing we can do about now. It's all replacable! It was a risk we took..and we lost. Anyway that was kind of a frustrating day. I mean, how can an airline as big as South African Airlines afford to have their customers things stolen out of their bags! Sam and LeAnne McDonald had 2 laptops stolen a couple years ago. They said they filed a complaint but nothing ever happened.

So Friday...we spent most of the day at the school. Me, Josh and my assistant Mr. Gray spent the morning decorating my classroom. And then in the afternoon me Josh and Laura Chinchen got Josh's classroom all set up! He is in the brand new science building! The science part is downstairs and his room is upstairs. It's really nice! Thats really all we did on Friday. Oh, we met our new duplex neighbors, the Breuningers! They are from California. Jeannette will teach 2nd grade at the academy and her husband Derek is doing sports with the college. They are really sweet :) We had potluck that night at the Chinchen's house. Everyone on campus comes and takes a different dish. We got to talk to alot of new missionaries and start to get to know people better.

Then, Saturday was a fun day! We went out driving again and on our way out we saw this man holding up this kitten on the side of the road!!! It was so cute...and we had been talking about getting one for when we're here. So I said, "ok, if it's still there when we get back, we'll get it!" And it was! We paid $12 for her...the guy said 2500 kwacha at first (which is like $15) and I said 2000, and he was like ,"ok". I asked him if it had fleas and he just looked at me and I asked again and he said, "yes yes!" haha. Obviousley his English wasn't very good! We did more unpacking and organizing that afternoon and watched a movie I bought from some guy in the parking lot of a grocery store! ha.

We went to church at the campus chapel this morning and then went to a pizza place with some other couples called Mama Mia's! It was really good. This afternoon was spent entertaining all of the campus kids who love our new kitty. They are all so sweet and funny :) This week has been pretty much been us getting settled in our new environment. We have seen many out of the ordinary things. It's weird to go out and see beggars and street venders everywhere...children running around barefoot, etc. Next week I really want to start doing some community outreach! Like going to the Crisis Nursery :) So far, we are really enjoying our new home. We have lots of new friends and lots of new opportunities to take advantage of! We are really happy to finally be here and can't wait to see what the next few weeks hold for us!

Thanks for all the support and prayers everyone!! I will keep you updated weekly!




  1. I'm praying for you guys! Sorry that happened to your stuff - I've had things stolen out of packages that my family has sent me as well. What a blessing you guys are going to be to these kids!

  2. WOW a kitty! I bet it's really cute. Did you have to talk Josh into it and what did you name it?! Mom (Jan)
    Oh yeah, Ashli just got a DEAF Jack Russell -- it was free! ha But cute!