Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Support Status!

Our support raising has officially begun!! Last Thursday we sent out a mailout consisting of: a prayer picture card, a support card, and a letter. We still have a few people we haven't sent them to but plan to get those out this week! Since I work at ABC I am able to see donations as they come in and, praise God, we've already gotten a few! :)

We know that if we are truely meant to go in August, God will provide but it still makes me nervous ha. So please pray that we will not worry about the money and just focus on our mission and getting ready for the move.

In the meantime...Josh and I are both working semi-full time; as much as we can! Josh is off his car insurance and his dad is working on selling it so as of two weeks ago we are sharing a car. Josh has really been a trooper about this and is even riding his bike to work in the mornings to help out (I pick him up in the afternoons!). He says it's good exercise; even though I don't like it at all and pray everyday he doesn't get hit by a car!!!!! We are planning on selling my car but, obviously, can't do that quite yet :).

We plan to leave the first week of August...the 3rd or 4th. We figured out that plane tickets will be the cheapest if we buy them four weeks before we leave so we are waiting until then to actually purchase them. We will be flying with South African Airlines which is what we did when we went over spring break. (They are really nice planes!) They use Continental in the states but the long "over water" flight is with SAA. We are also planning on taking one of our dogs, Holli. She is our first baby and we really think that it will be worth taking her! But, since it is rather expensive...we will have to save up our own money to take her. I would just feel bad using donor money to take a dog ha. We are in the process of finding homes for our other babies- Shadow and Buddy :)

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

Rebecca :)

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  1. Think you could send me a picture for your ABC missionary directory page!!???? ;) Thanks, Rose