Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A few more details!

Since we haven't actually left for Malawi, there isn't much to say about our "African Adventure" yet! So I thought I would just fill y'all in on some more specifics about where we will be staying, what we will be doing, etc.

Malawi is a small country in Southeast Africa. We will be living in the capital city of Lilongwe. The African Bible College campus is enclosed by a brick wall with and electric fence on top! Mainly to keep out theives. There isn't much physical violence in least not on the ABC campus. But people do break in quit often at night and steal things. Many of the missionary houses have bars over the windows. Not sure if ours will or not...hopefully! ha.

The campus istelf is really beautiful. There are hired gardeners that keep everything looking nice and green! The houses really look like houses you would see here in the states...just with no air or heating. (And from what I'm told, things break alot. They say even though the houses may look like American homes from the outside, they aren't!) It doesn't get quite as hot there as it does here...I think 85-90 is the high in the summer and in "winter", which doesn't last long, it gets down to the 40-50's. Thats pretty cold with no heat though!

We will have running water, modern bathrooms, etc. Though we can't drink the water out of the faucet, there are filters available so that we can drink it. Electricity and internet are also available, though not always very reliable. (And the internet is very slow, but they do have it!!) The electricity goes out regularly at random times. There are generators on campus though. But sometimes they go days without electricity.

As I said in my previous post, Josh and I will be teaching at the academy. It is located on the campus of ABC...just a short walk from where our house is. I put pictures on facebook of our trip to Malawi over spring break. You can look at the campus and academy! It's really nice. Josh will teach high school history and maybe a computer class. I will teach 4-k or as they call it "reception". The shcool is very small. The numbers get smaller the older the kids get. There are two reception classes with 14 kids in each class. Josh's class will have 6-8 students (at least thats about how many were in the history class we observed when we visited).

There are also a couple of ministries/orphanages we plan to be involved with. As well as going out in the community and villages and getting to know the people! I can't wait to go! Well, I guess thats enough for now...I will post more as more definite plans are made.


Rebecca :)