Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big News!

I thought that creating a blog would be the best and easiest way to tell everyone about our big news! (and keep everyone updated :) many of you know, Josh and I went to African Bible College (I work at the stateside office) in Malawi, Southeast Africa over springbreak. ABC is a missionary sending non-profit organization whose mission is to train Malawian christian leaders to go out into their own communities and spread the gospel. The acutal college consists of Malawians who attain a degree in "biblical studies" from ABC. All of the instructers are American missionaries who raise their own support (they don't get a salary!-ALL of their income comes from donations from other people because, like I said before, ABC is non-profit).

Anyway...ABC is on a "compound-like" campus. It consists of the college, missionary housing, a clinic and a k-12 academy (for missionary kids and any Malawians who can afford to go there-academy teachers also rely on donations :). So, while visiting last springbreak..we were told about the extreme academy teacher shortage ABC was experiencing and how badly they needed teachers...specifically a high school history teacher and a 4-k kindergarden teacher :)

Now for the big news...after much thought and prayer, Josh and I have decided to commit to at least one year of service with ABC as academy teachers!!!! That means we will be moving to Malawi this August and will be there for at least a year! We are so excited and ready to go! Malawi is tied with the top four poorest countries in the world. So besides teaching, we will be able to to all kinds of mission and humanitarian work while we're there!! So, thats the news! I will post updates weekly to let everyone know whats going on. Right now, our top priority is RAISING SUPPORT! We have 3 months to try and get the recommended $1500-$2000 a month regularly, plus our plane tickets and travel expenses! Please pray for us as we go through this dramatic life change!

Rebecca :)